About 3.99 Cosplay Shop

399 Cosplay Shop is brought to you by 399 Anime Shop and we are dedicated to selling various Japanese anime cosplay costumes and merchandise cost-effectively. You can be assured of our quality because the 399 Cosplay Shop is brought to you by cosplayers themselves.

Quality Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay costumes is really one of those things that you get what you pay for.

We are aware of the number of disreputable online shops that sell lousy, low quality cosplay costumes. Their costumes not only do not last, they look cheap too! We definitely want to differentiate ourselves from them and would like every costumer that purchase from us to be totally satisfied with their purchase.

You can be rest assured that we only use the best materials in the costumes we carry and they will turn out better than you expect.

Our costumes are sold in Japan and the 'before price' you see on each listing are what the retail price in Japan.

You will be able to contact us here.

Low Waiting Times

Most costumes are expected to ship within 48 working hours as we stock up the cosplay costumes.

What are these icons?

Items with this tag means they are popular among our buyers and are definitely a great buy.

Biography Inside
Besides selling the merchandise, we also provide information on certain characters and anime. Watch out for the above icon saying "bio inside" for the biographies. Click on the title to peek at the lives of the characters.

Anime character biographies are written by Tsunade of NarutoFever.com. If you'd like to contribute your biography of a character, you may email admin@399animeshop.com with the title as "(character's name) biography contribution" and your work could be on our site credited to you.

Special Shipping Charges
To further protect the items you just purchased, a special shipping fee is imposed on certain products that are more fragile, or products that come in boxes that are easily indented when tossed around.

All products with this icon will be charged the 'Special Shipping' instead of the norminal shipping.

More about shipping here.

Website Technical Support

If you require any further assistance on technical matters relating to our website, please contact our technical help desk at admin[at]399animeshop.com.